The Big List of Guitar Parts Suppliers

Need a list of suppliers for new and repalcement guitar parts? It’s a good idea to check out our list of websites to buy parts, components, tools, and supplies. Our list includes many of the best suppliers, vendors, and manufacturers.

Spend Your Money Responsibly

Our list of manufacturers, suppliers, and vendors was developed to include only companies located in the free world. The manufacturers listed here are not known to use forced or slave labor.

It is likely that some of the suppliers, distributors, and retailers listed here offer products made in countries that use forced and/or slave labor. We encourage consumers to not financially reward countries known to use government-forced labor specifically China, Qatar, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, and North Korea.

Links to Guitar Manufacturer Websites

The following list of bass and guitar parts resources represents only a fraction of what is available. In particular, there is a multitude of manufacturers’ websites that you could add to this list.

Guitar Electronic Components

  • Pure Tone makes what we think is the best guitar jack on the market. Check out the Mon Multi-Contact output jack.
  • Guitar Electronics sells pots, caps, toggle and blade switches, jacks, cloth covered wire, preamps, and more.
  • Guitar Parts Depot offers quality electronics with expert help at near wholesale prices.
  • MojoTone offers potentiometers, capactitors, jacks, switches, shielding, and more.
  • AllParts offers potentiometers, capacitors, switches, wiring, and more for guitars and bass.

Electric Guitar Pickups

Acoustic Guitar Pickups

  • LR Baggs designs and manufactures acoustic guitar pickups, microphones, and preamps that provide the best acoustic amplification for musicians.
  • K&K Sound manufactures stellar, and relatively easy to install, acoustic pickups and preamp systems.
  • Seymour Duncan Woody is an easy-mounting hum-canceling soundhole pickup that gives you warm, full sounding acoustic tone.
  • Grace Design FELiX and ALiX bring open, musical and nuanced sonic character to any acoustic performance situation.
  • Dimarzio offers several soundhole pickups for acoustic guitars with varying tonal qualities.
  • Fishman manufactures some of the best acoustic pickups and preamp systems in the world today.

Bass Pickups, Preamps

  • Seymour Duncan Bass Pickups deliver deep, rich, clear tones at reasonable prices.
  • Bartolini Bass Pickups are respected by bass players everywhere for their deep tone, pronounced lows, punchy mids, and a sweet top-end.
  • Aguilar Bass Pickups are a frequent go-to upgrade for jazz and rock bass players wanting a warm, penetrating tone.
  • Nordstrand Bass Pickups are known for great volume and clarity, with a loyal following of jazz bass players.
  • EMG Bass Pickups, at Best Bass Gear, are among the best prices for EMG bass pickups, and they ship fast.

Guitar Bridge, Saddles, Tailpieces

  • Guitar Parts Resource offers a very wide range of options for repair and replacement of bridge, saddle, tailpiece and tremolo parts.
  • Gotoh (Wilkinson) offers precision-made bridge, saddle and tailpieces in several finishes for guitars and bass.
  • Luthiers Mercantile is an excellent source for acoustic guitar bridge parts and full assemblies using Rosewood and Ebony. Very good prices and they ship fast.
  • Guitar Parts Factory is an excellent source for Genuine Fender bridge, saddle and tremolo parts.
  • WD Music is a USA based supplier for bridges, tailpieces, tuning machines. They offer a range of other guitar parts and components.

Tuning Machines / Guitar Bass Machine Heads

  • Genuine Fender Tuning Machine Heads are always a reliable choice for new builds or replacing your worn-out bass or guitar tuning machines.
  • Hipshot guitar and bass tuning machines are designed to be robust, elegant and to last for generations.
  • Graph Tech Ratio machine heads are sychronized to each string position so that every string responds the same to any tuning adjustment.
  • Grover Tuning Machine Heads offers Roto Grip ® locking tuning machines, vintage tuning machines for Gibson, Martin, Epiphone and more.
  • Gotoh (Wilkinson) Tuning Machine Heads Wilkinson tuning machines are a very good replacement, often an upgrade, set of tuning machines for your guitar or bass.
  • Schaller high-end tuners have great reviews, but reviews indicate below this the value proposition falls off.
  • Sperzel American tuning keys have been recognized as precision quality, which is very evident in their Trim-Lok® locking tuners.

* The above companies are hands-down the best manufacturers of tuning machines, but are not all USA based companies.

Effects Pedals, Stompboxes

  • BOSS manufactures some of the best stompboxes, effects pedals, and boards for bass and guitar players worldwide.
  • VOX Amplification manufactures quality multi- and single-effects pedals including wah, looper, and more.
  • Dunlop manufactures the famous Cry Baby® wah, rack foot controller, and more.
  • Mesa Boogie manufactures overdrive, EQ, preamp, looper, buffer pedals and more.
  • Tech 21 manufactures Boost Distortion, Boost Fuzz, Boost RVB, Q/Strip and other great effects pedals.

Guitar Knobs, Pickguards, Straps

  • Guitar Parts Factory stocks over 5,000 parts, ranging from Genuine Fender and other premier brands, to cost-saving economy parts.
  • WD Music is a USA based guitar parts supplier with numerous product lines.
  • DecoBoom offers cusom,made-to-order, decorative pickgards for any guitar or bass.
  • Pickguardian pickguards are handcrafted to fit your requests and specifications.
  • Axetreme Creations offers quality pickguards with a wide variety of colors and styles.

Guitar Necks, Bodies, Kits

  • Ed Roman Guitars is a very well established shop for well-made guitar build kits with premier upgrade options.
  • Warmoth offers a variety of in-stock and custom build necks, bodies and more. Prices reflect the high-quality materials and craftsmanship.
  • Musikraft, licensed by Fender, is a USA shop offering custom necks and bodies for the most popular bass and electric guitar body styles.
  • Pit Bull Guitars good range of quality guitar build kits at decent prices (fabricated and shipped from Australia).
  • Solo Guitar Kits Good selection of guitar and bass kits, bodies, guitar parts, necks and luthier tools. (fabricated and shipped from Canada)
  • Precision Guitar Kits A good range of body styles at decent prices. (fabricated and shipped from Canada)

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Feel free to leave a comment with your suggestions of suppliers to add to this list!

For new guitar owners, here is a link to learn how to tune your guitar.