Common Guitar Services Questions

Yes! We welcome people of any level of experience or knowledge. We're super friendly and don't expect our customers to be guitar experts. All you really need to do is let us know about the issue or objective - we take it from there.

Regarding our Artisan Concierge Service pick-up and drop-off services, we serve routinely serve customers in Cobb and Cherokee Counties (Acworth, Canton, Holly Springs, Kennesaw, Roswell, Smyrna, Towne Lake, Vinings, Woodstock, and surrounding communities). We offer this service in Bartow and Paulding counties for a modest increase to our standard concierge service fee.

Generally speaking, we can install parts furnished by a customer. When we are asked to install customer furnished parts we do not assume responsibility for fitment, compatibility, functioning, or other issues. If any modifications are required to install customer supplied parts there may be additional costs. Our first preference is for our shop to order parts for any job.

Payment options include cash, credit cards, debit cards, money orders, bitcoin and litecoin. For credit card payments we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express (no service charge for credit cards).

Yes! Our customers enjoy a 45 day warranty on labor and workmanship. Parts are covered by any available manufacturer pass-through warranties.

Our shop does not do warranty service work on any brands of guitars. All of our business is conducted directly between our shop and our local customers. If you need warranty service, check the terms of your warranty to see if it's worth the time and hassles to file a claim. It may be more convenient to have us do the work promptly without all of the paperwork of a warranty issue.

(This is a frequent question we get from new guitar owners.) Firstly, any movement of the tuning machine heads ("tuners") will change the tuning of the strings. This commonly happens when a guitar is moved in/out of a case, and just casually bumped in handling the instrument. Tuning will change as you play your guitar due to strings stretching. See this article for other reasons that your guitar won't stay tuned.

We work on virtually any brand or model electric guitars. This includes Carvin/Kiesel, Charvel, Dean, ESP, Epiphone, Fender, G&L, Gibson, Ibanez, Jackson, Kramer, Music Man, Ovation, PRS, Rickenbacker, Schecter, Squier, Spector, Washburn, Yamaha, and the numerous lesser know brands (guitar brands for beginners like AXL, Cort, etc.). We specialize in Stratocaster (Strat) and Telecaster (Tele) style guitars.

Yes. If you've ordered a kit guitar and need help with assembly or replacing the cheap electronics we can help you. It's common to replace the input jack, pots, caps, switch and pickups on cheap non-USA made kit guitars.

We do not offer amp or pedal repair. We recommend calling Andrews Amp Lab for guitar amp repair in Atlanta. Call Jeff Andrews at 770-671-0485 to learn about their expert amp repair services.