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Artisan Luthiers is a local guitar shop for guitar repair, setup, maintenance, parts, mods, custom builds, and related services for electric and bass guitars. We're located in Kennesaw, Georgia.

We offer name-brand OEM and after-market parts (your choice) for repair work, guitar customizing, electrical and hardware upgrades. From pickups, pots and jacks to mods, nut and fret repair, we can get your guitar in awesome shape. We also offer specialty luthier services for refinishing, conductive shielding, and custom build-outs.

We're a guitar shop for guitar and bass players of all levels. We're friendly, helpful, and offer great customer service.

For your convenience we offer pick-up and drop-off services for customers in Kennesaw, Marietta, Woodstock and Acworth.

Budget Guitar Mods and Rebuilds

Guitar modifications & rebuilds are a specialty at Artisan Luthiers. We've done guitar mods to transform basic Fender MIM, Ibanez GRX, and Squier Strat to take them to a new level of sound by installing new pickups, upgrading pots and fine tuning the instrument. If you're itching to improve your guitar and not go broke, give us a call to get started.

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Full Service Guitar Shop

Whether you need a guitar setup, want to change the pickups or tuners, or need quality guitar repair we can help you. We provide prompt turnaround at prices less than the big-box stores. Ask about our local pickup and delivery service.

Professional Guitar Setup and Services

Did you know that a used guitar, or even a new guitar right out of the box, needs a guitar setup service for to produce the best possible tone and sound? Whether your instrument needs intonation adjustments, new strings, wiring repair, or hardware replacement we can help you. You can rely on us for quality parts and craftsmanship at a reasonable cost.

Used Guitars, Amps and Accessories

Wanting to buy a quality pre-owned guitar, bass, amp, gear or equipment at affordable prices? Contact us to see what we have or let us find it for you.

Selling a guitar? Ask about our sale-prep cleaning and repair to help you sell it faster and at a better price.

Repair & Setup

The condition of your guitar has a huge impact on how well it plays. Our guitar techs can do guitar setup, preventative maintenance, plus take care of guitar wiring, electrical and hardware repairs.

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Mods & Custom Builds

Do you want to get more out of your guitar, or maybe create a one-of-a-kind guitar built around your specs? Call us for new guitar electronics or hardware, and custom guitar refinishing.

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