General Returns Policy

This page presents our general policy for the return of parts or components which may be sold as part of our repair and maintenace services. Other specific returns policies and procedures may supercede the information shown here for compliance with the rules for the providers of our online storefronts.


Before requesting a Returns Application we require contacting a Customer Service team member at 678-402-6739, Monday-Friday 9:00a.m. to 4:00p.m. EST to discuss your situation.

We offer direct support to assist potential buyers in finding the best vendor for products, based on price, quality, and availiability for a particular need. The buyer assumes all responsibility for any parts, components, items that are purchased. Regardless of whether or not our Company made a vendor recommendation the buyer is responsible for all purchases.

Artisan Luthiers strives to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. Our (RTV) return to vendor process has a requirement for the buyer-of-record to provide clear and logical reasons with any Returns request. While we seriously consider all Returns to Vendor applications (RTV), we do not approve Returns for reasons such as "I just didn't like it" or "I found it cheaper somewhere else", etc.

Our Price Match Policy

If, within 10 days of yor purchase date-of-record, you find the exact same item actively offered for sale (i.e., not an expired ad, etc.) at a lower price we will refund the difference to the buyer-of-record. Terms that apply are that the "Other Item Found" must:

  1. be the exact same brand, model, style, year, and condition as the item purchased from Artisan Luthiers®.
  2. be for sale and ship from a seller within 300 miles of our physical business address.
  3. be a publicly listed price without applying coupons, discounts or other incentives.
  4. be documented by tangible proof such as a screenshot of the item showing the seller, price, item name and description, with a way for Artisan Luthiers® to verify the date of the offer.

General Conditions for Returns

To initiate a request to return an item the buyer-of-record must contact us to obtain a Returns to Vendor application (RTV) Request Form and a (RTV) case number.

Your completed request must be received by Artisan Luthiers® customer service team within 10 days of your purchase date. If approved Artisan Luthiers will provide detailed instructions for the proper return of said items.

New Items Returns

Any items are sold with any available documentation, users manuals, guides, and/or warranty registration cards. New items sold by Artisan Luthiers® are covered by warranties that may be provided by the manufacturer. We do not manage, process or otherwise play a role in buyer-to-manufacturer warranty claims. When Returns are based on warranty claims we may be able to intervene on behalf of our customer to affect optimal actions from manufacturers and/or suppliers.

Used Items Returns

All used items are sold "As Is" and buyers are expected to recognize that used items will often show or otherwise include customary signs of use, wear, fading, relaxed fitment, and/or non-factory tolerances. Artisan Luthiers lists all used items with accurate and detailed descriptions, including photos when applicable, to inform potential buyers of the condition of any item presented for sale. Any used items purchased from Artisan Luthiers are not eligible for returns unless the description provided clearly lacked listing known negative attributes about any item.

We do not sell any items on consignment. Any used items offered have been acquired and prepared for sale by our Company. This enables us to insure the best possible buyer experience for purchasing used instruments, equipment, gear and accessories.

Custom Items

Custom made items, including stock items with any level of customization, are not eligible for returns under our general policy. In some situations our Company may offer to accept the return of custom items. The offer to accept the return of any custom item is typically applicable only when our Company has a reasonable belief that we can resell the item within 14 days without incurring a financial loss.

Universal Requirements for Returns

Any items approved for return must be sent to us in undamaged original packaging with the item in the same condition as delivered. Specifically, any item returned must not have any modifications, or indications of use, wear, damage, or defacement including rub marks, scratches, scuff marks, dents, chips, cracks, holes, and/or discoloration . Returned items must include, in perfect condition, all product packaging, labels, manuals, tags, documentation and/or accessories.

All items returned are subject to a minimum 15% restocking fee. Additional charges may apply if items require repair, or replacement of missing materials. The maximum amount of any refund shall be 85% of the purchase price (before tax price, and exclusive of credt card processing fees and our shipping charges). We do not offer cash refunds.

Buyer-of-record is responsible for return process packaging, shipping costs and auccessful delivery of item(s) to Artisan Luthiers, LLC in Kennesaw, Georgia, USA.

Alternatives and Options

If buyers stated grounds for the return of item(s) is approved, and the buyer is unable to meet all of the Returns terms listed above, Artisan Luthiers, at it's sole discretion, may elect to apply a store-credit or exchange in lieu of a return of funds paid to our company.

Last updated August 1, 2022

Online Payment Security

Online payments made to us (via our Square, PayPal, etc.) utilize encryption to assure safe and secure transactions. Unless you directly provide credit card information to our company we will not have have your credit card number, security code, expiration date or similar information.