Guitar Setup

A professional electric guitar setup, aside how well you play, is how your guitar delivers the richest sound quality. A guitar set up balances the numerous settings that affect tuning, tone, and playability.

If you need electric guitar repair you should explore our electric guitar luthier services.

What Does a Setup Do for My Guitar?

A professional guitar setup effectively balances the numerous settings between the parts of your guitar. This enables proper tone and resolves playability problems such as incorrect intonation, fret buzz, fret out, rough fret ends, incorrect string height and pickup height. Inspecting and cleaning keeps your guitar looking great and can uncover hidden or potential problems.

What is Included in a Guitar Setup?

A guitar setup is a formal process which requires many guitar tech specialty tools. To complete a more precise guitar setup our shop utilizes a Korg strobe digital tuner. We will inspect key components and, based on what we find, make necessary mechanical adjustments. Often, items such as your truss rod do not need adjustment. We tailor our services to match factory guitar setup specifications (or better). We can customize your guitar setup to match your style and preferences.

Get the Professional Setup You Need

Our guitar setup includes both making your guitar play well and have it looking its best - for a much better price and turnaround time than a big-box guitar center or guitar store. we take the time to carefully inspect and adjust your guitar. We don't rush guitars through our shop.

For your convenience we offer pickup and delivery service within a 20 mile radius of our guitar repair shop in Kennesaw.

The Artisan Luthiers 12 Point Guitar Setup

We could call this a 24 POINT SETUP, we just don't list the inspection apart from the work.

  • Check/adjust neck relief (truss rod)
  • Check/adjust bridge and saddles
  • Check/adjust string radius and action
  • Check/adjust pickup heights
  • Check tremolo system (if so equipped) (float, block, or deck)
  • Check/adjust fit on tuning machines
  • Check/adjust nut slots
  • Polish fret wire (check for wear, rough ends, etc.)
  • Condition fretboard (unfinished wood)
  • Install new strings
  • Intonation digitally calibrated
  • Detail guitar

Electric Guitar Setup Cost

Our electric guitar setup price is among the most affordable guitar set up prices in north metro Atlanta. Our base price does not include nut modification work or other mods which may be required when changing string sizes. Floyd Rose® and Evertune® equipped guitars may require an additional charge depending on the time required to setup the system.

  • Fender Guitar Setup (6-string) $80 + guitar strings
  • Gibson Guitar Setup (6-string) $80 + guitar strings
  • Epiphone Guitar Setup (6-string) $80 + guitar strings.
  • PRS Guitar Setup (6-string) $80 + guitar strings
  • Ibanez Guitar Setup (6-string) $80 + guitar strings
  • Schecter Guitar Setup (6-string) $80 + guitar strings
  • Charvel/Kiesel Guitar Setup (6-string) $80 + guitar strings
  • LTD Guitar Setup (6-string) $80 + guitar strings
  • ESP Guitar Setup (6-string) $80 + guitar strings
  • Suhr Guitar Setup (6-string) $80 + guitar strings
  • Gretsch Guitar Setup (6-string) $80 + guitar strings
  • Squier Guitar Setup (6-string) $80 + guitar strings
  • Jackson Guitar Setup (6-string) $80 + guitar strings
  • Music Man Guitar Setup (6-string) $80 + guitar strings
  • Mayones Guitar Setup (6-string) $80 + guitar strings
  • Yamaha Guitar Setup (6-string) $80 + guitar strings.
  • Washburn Guitar Setup (6-string) $80 + guitar strings
  • Other Guitar Brands & Models (6-string) $80 min. + guitar strings

We also do setups and work on 7-, 8- string guitars. Call for pricing.

How often should you get a guitar setup?

For the average person, your guitar may need a setup setup every year or so. This number could change quite a bit if you play a lot or your guitar is subject to temperature and humidity fluctuations. Since a setup affects playability you should get a setup, at least a checkup, anytime things don't seem right. If you experience string buzz or it simply doesn't feel right it probably does need some form of technical adjustments.

Request a Guitar Setup

Call 678-402-6739 or text to 770-654-3223 to set an appointment for your guitar setup. We offer relatively fast turnaround, and deliver results that will make you smile.