Guitar Luthiers

A guitar luthier is a craftsman who has woodworking and electrical skills to build, modify and repair electric and acoustic guitars.

What Does a Luthier Do?

A skilled luthier can repair a cracked guitar body, broken neck, filling, enlarging and drilling holes, install hardware, connect electrical components. Luthiers also have an understanding of different types of wood, and know how to stain, paint, and finish instruments.

We offer luthier services to repair and modify electric and acoustic guitars and bass guitars.

Master Luthiers

A master luthier has formal training and many years of experience whcih enables the luthier to build stringed instruments from raw materials.

There is a relatively small number of master luthiers in the United States. This is because building a stringed instrument takes a large number of hours and mass produced instruments generally make it an unprofitable endeavor. Most "luthier work" performed on electric guitars and bass guitars are repairs and mods. Unless you want a custom built guitar you do not necessarily need the full skillset of a master luthier.

A Short List of Luthier Services

  • Modify body cavities for electronics
  • Install acoustic guitar pickups and preamps
  • Replace guitar neck or fretboard
  • Repair broken guitar neck
  • Repair cracked guitar body
  • Truss rod repair and replacement
  • Shim and adjust guitar neck
  • Resize or sleeve machine head holes
  • Fill and redrill machine head mounting holes
  • Fill and redrill pickguard and cover holes
  • Chip, dent and scratch repair
  • Staining, Painting, Refinishing

We work with local customers who need a luthier in Marietta, Kennesaw, Woodstock, Acworth and surrounding areas. We do not accept shipments of instruments needing luthier services.

Luthier Services Cost

The cost for luthier services is impossible to define or standardize. This is because the number of hours and/ parts required is never the same for any two jobs. What we can tell you here is that we offer Free Inspections and Luthier Cost Estimates to fix your instrument.

Many luthier inquireis we receive are really routine guitar tech services. For common repair and replacement of components you should see our guitar repair services page.

Request Luthier Services

Call 678-402-6739 or send us a message to set an appointment for luthier work. We offer free estimates for cost of luthier services and time required.