Guitar Bridge & Saddle Repair

We offer bridge and saddle repair, replacement, and adjustment services for electric guitars and bass guitars. As required we can include full guitar setup for intonation, tuning and playability.

Bridge & Saddle Repair Cost

Electric guitar bridge and saddle repair cost vary depending on the type of bridge design, and the scope-of work. A full bridge setup is substantially different than simply making limited adjustments.

Our Bridge & Saddle Work

Professional bridge repair, setup and adjustment tasks require specialty tools. Among the specialty tools we use for bridge and saddle work are:

  • String height rule
  • String radius gauges (under-string and over-string)
  • Hex wrenches (T-handle and L-shape)
  • Star wrenches (T-handle and Driver type)
  • Guitar saddle files
  • Phillips head screwdrivers

Tremolo Repair & Adjustments

Tremolo adjustments and repair can greatly improve your guitar's tone. We work with types of guitar bridges including Fender tremolo style, floating tremolos, ABR, and Nashville designs. These are just some of the tremolo system services we offer:

  • Block tremolo
  • Level trem assembly (bridge plate)
  • Adjust saddle heights
  • Adjust string radius
  • Adjust intonation screws
  • Floating tremolo repair

Types of Bridge Designs

  • Fender tremolo style
  • Floyd Rose floating tremolo
  • ABR bridge design
  • Nashville bridge design
  • Tune-o-Matic bridge
  • Stop tail bridge
  • PRS wrap around bridge

Need Guitar Bridge or Saddle Repair?

For a free estimate or schedule guitar bridge or saddles work simply call us at 678-402-6739 or send us a message by clicking on the button below. We will call you with options and pricing for your approval before we do any repairs.

Guitar Bridge & Saddles

Guitar bridge and saddle repair, adjustments, replacement.

We offer bass guitar and electric guitar bridge, saddles and tremolo system repair and replacement.

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