Guitar Wiring Repair

When your guitar electronics need repairs, you want to replace electrical components, or do guitar mods and upgrades we can make it happen for you.

Guitar Electrical Repair

We offer electrical troubleshooting, diagnosis, circuit wiring repair, electrical mods and parts replacement. Whether it's installing upgrades like a treble bleed mod or new guitar pickups or fixing electrical problems we can help you.

Quality Guitar Wiring & Components

Our guitar electrical repairs are done using quality products from CTS, Bourns, Pure Tone, CRL, Grigsby, Switchcraft, AllParts, Gavitt, and others. We offer vintage style Gavitt cloth push back shielded guitar wiring and PVC coated circuit wiring. As much as reasonably possible we use parts and components manufactured in the USA.

We do not offer circuit work on MusicMan guitars, or other guitars with PCB circuits.

Specialty Guitar Electrical Services

To protect the functional integrity of your guitar electronics we offer conductive shielding for guitars. Conductive shielding blocks RF interference which causes hum and degrades the sound of your guitar.

Guitar Electrical Repair Services

Here is a sample list of things we can do for you:

  • Circuit Wiring Repair
  • Soldering and Wiring Connections
  • Active Pickup Replacement
  • Passive Pickup Replacement
  • Output Jack Replacement
  • Guitar Preamp Installation
  • Selector Switch Replacement (blade or toggle)
  • Pots Replacement (audio/linear potentiometers)
  • Capacitor Replacement (tone caps)
  • Guitar Wiring Modifications
  • Conductive Shielding (paint or copper foil)

Need Electrical Troubleshooting or Repair?

For a free estimate or to schedule guitar electrical work simply call us at 678-402-6739 or send us a message by clicking on the button below. For repair diagnosis requests we will call you with options and pricing for your approval before we do any repairs.

NOTE: Circuit work may require string removal and or replacement. Circuit service prices do not include setups or related services unless specifically included in project scope-of-work.

Guitar Electrical Repair

Guitar wiring repair, electrical repair and parts replacement.

Guitar circuit replacement, wiring repair, mods and soldering for pickups, pots, caps, switches, and more.

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