Guitar Conductive Shielding

Conductive shielding for a guitar blocks certain electrical interference which can affect tone. Conductive shielding is applied in body cavities which contain electronic components.

What is Conductive Shielding?

To fully understand what shielding is and how it works you should learn about a Faraday Cage. A properly formed Faraday Cage protects electronic components from external radio frequency interference (RFI). Due to penetrations in "the cage", such as holes for pot shafts, a guitar will never have a true Faraday cage. However, installing a conductive shielding system will have a dramatic effect on reducing hum from your guitar. People do this because it works!

Why Install Conductive Shielding?

Conductive shielding protects the integrity of your guitar's tone by blocking disruptive interference. Source of interference that shielding paint and tape can block are stage lighting, fluorescent lights, neon signs, and even your own equipment such as amps.

Guitar Shielding Materials

The best guitar shielding method is to use either specially designed copper tape or specially designed shielding paint. The commonly overlooked but critical aspect of shielding is correctly grounding the system. If your shielding is not grounded it is effectively worthless. We use circuit wire and conductive lugs to ground the system.

Conductive Shielding Paint

Conductive shielding paint provides a very effective alternative method for shielding your guitar. Shielding paint offers advantages over copper tape in certain situations. Shielding paint makes it much easier to apply protective shielding to hard to reach areas and under components that you may not want to remove. We use a RoHS Compliant shielding paint manufactured in Germany.

Copper Shielding Tape & Sheets

Conductive copper tape is available from several sources. It’s very important to know that you want to use only copper tape with conductive adhesive! Conductive copper tape is sold in rolls of various widths. Conductive copper tape prices vary depending on the width and length of tape on each roll and the quality of the product. We use copper shielding tape and sheets with a conductive adhesive.

How Much Does Conductive Shielding Cost?

Thinking about doing conductive shielding on your own? It may be less expensive, and certainly easier on you, to have a guitar shop do the work. If you buy shielding paint, copper tpe, circuit wire and grounding lugs you're going to need only part of what you buy. In other words, that extra material is wasted money. Then of course, there is the learning curve and time involved. Why not just have our guitar repair shop do the work for you?

Our cost for conductive shielding starts at only $75. This includes installing shielding paint (single coat) and/or conductive copper foil tape. Contact us to get a conductive shielding price quote for your guitar.

Want Conductive Shielding Now?

If you want to get the benefits of conductive shielding simply get in touch with us to Schedule an Appointment. Our shielding prices are very competitive, and our turnaround time is very good.