Guitar Pickup Repair

We offer guitar pickups repair, replacement, and circuit wiring mods for electric guitar pickups and bass pickups. Let us replace or upgrade your pickups with name brand pups.

Electric Guitar Pickup Repair

From single coil, humbuckers and P90 pickups we can hook you up with what you need. We offer pickup installation and wiring including connections to potentiometers, 3-way and 5-way selector switches.

We work with pickup configurations including S, SS, SSS, H, HH, HS, HHH, HS, HSS, HSH, HSSH, SH, SHH, and SHS. In addition to installing new pickups we will adjust guitar pickup heights to make your guitar play-ready.

Bass Guitar Pickup Repair

Do you prefer J-pickups, split coil, dual coil or soap bar pickups? Whatever types of bass pickups you like we can make it happen for you. Our bass pickup replacement services include active bass pickup wiring and passive bass pickup wiring.

We work with bass pickup configurations including P, J+J, P+J, J+J P+J, P+MM, J+MM, Reverse P+MM, MM, Reverse P, Reverse P+J, MM+MM, J+J+J, P+P, Reverse P+Reverse P, P+Reverse P, Reverse P+P, Soapbar, Soapbar+Soapbar, J+Soapbar, P+Soapbar, and Humbuckers. In addition to installing new active or passive bass pickups we will adjust bass pickup heights to make your bass play-ready.

Guitar Pickup Replacement Cost

Guitar pickups replacement servicesGuitar pickup replacement cost and bass pickup replacement cost vary based on the number of pickups to be installed, wiring configurations and related items such as switches and preamps. Generally the cost to replace one guitar or bass pickup is about $40 plus the cost of the pickup. Each pickup installed while we have the guitar opened up will be slightly lower in price.

When replacing your pickups we recommend having us do a pro guitar setup or pro bass setup. Doing a proper setup assures you that you will experience maximum performance from your new pickups.

8 Popular Guitar Pickup Brands

  • Fender guitar pickups
  • Seymour Duncan guitar pickups
  • DiMarzio guitar pickups
  • Lindy Fralin guitar pickups
  • Lace guitar pickups
  • EMG guitar pickups
  • Gibson guitar pickups
  • Lakland bass guitar pickups

Need Guitar Pickup Repair or Replacement?

For a free estimate or to schedule guitar pickup replacement call us at 678-402-6739 or send us a message by clicking on the button below. When doing repair diagnosis we will call you with options and prices for your approval before we do any work.

Guitar Pickup Replacement

Quality guitar pickups repair and replacement

We recommend Seymour-Duncan, DiMarzio, EMG, Fender, Lollar, Gibson, Lace, & Lindy Fralin pickups.

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