Guitar Nut Repair

Guitar nut repair and nut replacement can solve playability problems such as keeping your guitar or bass in tune and fighting string buzz. A new bone nut can improve tone. We offer quality nut repair and replacement at fair prices.

Electric Guitar Nut Repair

Your electric guitar needs a specific nut height to have the best possible playability. If your guitar strings are riding high you will experience very noticeable tone problems. Furthermore, if your guitar nut string slots are not properly cut to fit your choice of string sizes tunng stability problems will may occur. To make sure your guitar is in optimal condition, guitar nut repair may need to be part of your next electric guitar setup service.

Acoustic Guitar Nut Repair

Your acoustic guitar needs a specific nut height to have the best possible playability. Modifying or replacing your acoustic guitar nut can play a role in improving playability, eliminating fret buzz, and having proper string action. Whether it's lowering, raising or replacing a nut it's certainly something to consider as part of your next acoustic guitar setup service.

Bass Nut Repair

Your bass absolutely must have the correct nut height to have optimal playability. If your bass strings are too high you will have tone problems - even if your open notes appear to be in-tune. Additionally, if your bass nut slots are not cut to the proper widths for your size strings you may have tuning stability problems. Bass nut repair may need to be part of your next bass guitar setup service.

Guitar Nut Slot Repair

Many people search for repair guitar nut cut too deep because they damaged their nut trying to do it themselves. How to repair guitar nut string slots depends entirely on the nature of the problem. A hack repair is vastly inferior to doing the job correctly - and the objective is to truly fix the problem, right?

Sometimes the best course of action is to do a proper guitar nut replacement. A new guitar nut is not very expensive.

If your guitar nut has flaws it's a perfect time to upgrade to a superior solution. We recommend having us craft a new bone nut or install a Graph Tech TUSQ nut.

Guitar Nut Repair Cost

Bass and elecric guitar nut repair and replacement servicesA guitar nut repair cost and nut replacement price vary because of the many options to do the work.

Our minimum cost for nut repair is $20. Nut work prices vary depending on the amount of work required for nut slot cleaning, width adjustment, re-attaching a loose nut, and similar tasks. An average labor price to replace a basic synthetic guitar is around $25.

We offer free estimates so give us a call!

If your instrument has had prior nut work (non-factory service) we would prefer to see at least a photo of the guitar to give you a price. (Sometimes prior work was poorly done and presents unexpected problems).

Nut Replacement Options

  • Pre-Slotted Guitar Nuts: come with slots pre-cut and spaced. The work is generally adjusting the height, and sometimes adjusting slot width or depth. We are advocates for bone and synthetic Graph Tech TUSQ nuts.

  • Guitar Nut Blanks or Slabs: are the hybrid between pre-slotted and slabs. Blanks provide a head-start for creating a new nut but require a lot of bench time to customize it.

Should You Repair or Change Your Nut?

Because the nut plays such a critical role in tone and tuning it needs to right - period. When a guitar nut is damaged or severely worn it can cause intonation problems, fret out, string buzz, and similar problems. Quite often, the labor to attempt a repair on a guitar not makes repair impractical. When you replace a guitar nut you then know you've got no worries.

If you've had problems keeping your guitar in tune this may be a good time to ask us about the cost to replace tuning machine heads with a set of locking tuners.

About Our Nut Work

We can hand-craft guitar nuts. Whether we start with nut blank or a pre-slotted nut we measure and customize the fit to the specifications for the customer's guitar. We never simply remove and old nut and glue down a new nut.

It is worth mentioning that for cutting nut slots we use specialty nut slotting files from StewMac. We do not use amateur hacks such as using old strings wrapped with sandpaper, knives or welding torch files. We apply the standards of true luthiers.

Guitar Nut Materials

Synthetic Nuts

We primarily work with synthetic nut materials including graphite and plastic. Our experience is that these materials consistently yield excellent results, and require the least amount of time to create.

Bone and Ivory Nuts

We can hand-craft bone and ivory nuts. Although the traditional bone nut has been largely replaced by synthetic nut material, bone remains a quality material for a guitar nut.

Metal Nuts

We install metal nuts such as Fender's LSR roller nut, Wilkinson roller nut, and various locking nuts made from brass and stainless steel.

Need Guitar Nut Repair or Replacement?

For a free estimate or to schedule guitar nut repair or replacement simply call us at 678-402-6739 or send us a message by clicking on the button below. Guitar intonation and string tuning is included with all nut replacement work.

Quality Craftsmanship

Guitar Nut Repair & Replacement

We use only quality nut materials, brands, tools and suppliers. We strive for exceptional workmanship.

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