Guitar Jack Repair & Replacement

Guitar jack repair and jack replacement can solve audio problems such as no sound coming from your amp, scratchy and static noise caused by bad connections. We also repair guitar amp output/input jacks.

Guitar Jack Replacement

Whether you call it an input jack or an output jack we can help you when your guitar's jack socket does not work, or when your amp's input jack or headphone jack adapter is acting up. We strongly recommend Pure Tone multi-contact jacks for replacing a worn-out output jack.

We fix related related problems such as a loose jack plate, stripped plate mounting screw holes, missing screws, cold solder and broken wiring connections. The cost for jack repair is usually $20-25. The cost for a replacement mono jack is usually $7-10. Our turnaround time is around 48 hours.

Is it input jack or output jack? For the record, your guitar jack is actually an output jack. Your amp's main jack is an input jack. The difference? Signals from your guitar are sent OUT and signals received at your amp are going IN. Your amp may also have an output jack for headphones, other speakers, etc.

Bass Guitar Jack Repair

Yes, we also do bass guitar jack repair. The process, time and cost to repair or replace a bass output jack is the same as for an electric guitar.

Symptoms of a Bad Output Jack

Problems with no sound can be caused by a faulty guitar output jacks, a broken amp input jack, bad wiring or broken solder connections. Symptoms such as sound cutting out, scratchy sounds or static noise coming from your amp usually indicate damaged connections. Another common problem with a guitar or bass is difficulty plugging in a patch cable lead.

Is it your guitar jack or amp jack

To determine the source of your problem you should try your guitar on two amps or try two guitars on the same amp. It will be easy to determine which piece of gear has the problem. If you're having amp problems you should visit our page on guitar amp repair to learn what we can do for you.

What is a guitar input jack repair cost?

The repair may require simply re-soldering broken connections or installing a new jack. Sometimes installing a new jack requires minor modifications to the body cavity. This is fairly common when replacing a cheap import jack with a new jack that has a longer lug.

A guitar jack replacement cost is usually around $24-$40, including the price for a 1/4" mono-jack. We generally recommend Switchcraft jacks and Proline jacks. We do not use cheap import jacks.

Problematic Import Guitar Jacks

Bass and electric guitar output jack repair and replacement services To lower manufacturing costs of import guitars guitar manufacturers often use low quality electrical components. This is certainly true when it comes to output jacks.

The adjacent photo shows a cheap import output jack which is being replaced by a standard size jack. From the connection lugs to the overall design the replacement jack is vastly superior.

Should You Repair Your Own Jack?

If you have good mechanical aptitude you can probably do it yourself. The most difficult part is being able to make a clean soldered connections. You need to make certain you have the right type of guitar jack, and know where each wire should be attached.

Also make sure you don't damage your guitar's finish with a hot soldering iron or a drip of melted solder.

About Our Jack Repair

We guarantee our wiring and solder work for one year when the jack we install has not been pulled, removed or otherwise tampered with. During our work we will cover and protect your guitar's finish from solder related damage. All jack repair work is tested before your guitar is returned to you.

Need Guitar Jack Repair or Replacement?

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Quality Craftsmanship

Upgrading a guitar from a cheap import jack to a Switchcraft output jack

We use quality brands of mono, stereo, TRS, barrel and power type replacement guitar and bass output jacks.

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