Amplifier Repair

As of June 2020, at the beginning of COVID, we discontinues amplifier repair. Due to the substantial growth of our luthier services, we have been unable to find time to revisit amplifier repair services. We do recommend these local amplifier shops in Atlanta.

North AtlantaFor expert amp repair in Atlanta for tube amplifier and solid-state amp circuitry repair we strongly recommend Andrews Amp Lab in Atlanta. Jeff Andrews is a wizard at guitar amplifier design, repair and restoration. Jeff also sells an amazing line of his own custom designed Andrews Guitar Amps.

Per their website, "We specialize in the repair and tone resurrection of vintage and modern tube-type guitar amps, bass amps as well as Echoplex and Roland Space Echo. We no longer repair any HiFi gear or any solid state gear other than Echoplex and Space Echo. We are an authorized warranty center for Mesa Boogie.". Find them online at Andrews Amp Lab.

South Atlanta For people in the south Atlanta area, Acorn Amplifiers is a very good local amplifier repair shop with their own line of products.

Per their website, "Acorn Amplifiers creates entirely hand-built all-tube guitar amps, bass amps, and effects pedals with the goal of achieving supreme guitar tone with maximum versatility using simple, yet carefully crafted circuits. Each amp and pedal is made with hand-picked, individually measured components of the highest quality and assembled by pro amp techs who are not only musicians, but also fervent tube amp aficionados and effects pedal nerds." Acorn Amplifiers.

Popular Amplifier Brands Services

  • Fender Amplifiers
  • Marshall Amplifiers
  • Hughes & Kettner
  • Victory Amplifiers
  • Vox Amplifiers
  • Blackstar Amplifiers
  • Ampeg Amplifiers
  • Peavey Amplifiers
  • Genz Benz
  • Kemper Amplifiers
  • Ibanez Amplifiers
  • Orange Amplifiers
  • Boss Amplifiers
  • Yamaha Amplifiers
  • Mesa Boogie Amplifiers
  • Bugera Amplifiers


How long does amp repair take?

Generally, amp shops will need several weeks for professional amplifier service work. They may require additional time if there is a need to order non-standard or otherwise special replacement parts. Andrews and Acorn will always do their best to get the work done as quickly as reasonably possible, without sacrificing quality for the sake of speed.

Tube Amp Repair in Atlanta

Andrews Amp LabsTube amp repairs are generally straight-forward; however, troubleshooting tube amp problems often requires a great amount of time and expertise. For guitar tube amp electrical repair and maintenance service we highly recommend Andrews Amp Lab in Atlanta. Jeff Andrews offers expert repairs for tube amp tuneups, retube and bias, cap jobs, transformer upgrades and tube amp mods. They can help you find OEM parts or quality replacement parts that match original performance specifications.

For vintage amplifier restoration, and related repairs, we again recommend Andrews Amp Lab. They are the best amplifier repair shop in Atlanta for troubleshooting and servicing vintage tube amps, PA amps, mixing consoles, stereo HiFi amps, and hybrid amps. Andrews Amp Lab also sells a full line of beautifully crafted and custom-made guitar amplifiers.

Things to Check Before Calling

Before spending money on amp repair there are some things you should check. Some of these things may sound like "duh" items but it's more common than you think.

Confirm your amp is plugged into a working electrical outlet. Make sure your volume and gain are turned-up to at least 3, and no headphones are connected. Try at least two instrument cables. If these simple checks don't solve the problems, call an amp repair specialist to discuss your amp problem.

Amp Repair Safety Advisement

DO NOT ATTEMPT AN ELECTRICAL REPAIR unless you are completely confident in your electrical repair skills. It's easy to cause more damage or get a severe, sometimes fatal, electrical shock. To understand the potential severity you can visit the following link to learn about electrical shocks from amps.