Amplifier Repair

We repair solid-state amps and tube amplifiers needing input jack repair, output jack repair, switch repairs, speaker replacement, replacing pots, wiring repair and cleaning.

Local Amp Repair Shop

Artisan Luthiers in Kennesaw, Georgia, offers guitar amp repair services in northwest metro Atlanta. From amp inspection and electrical repairs, to replacing jacks, switches and speakers, we can help you with common amplifier problems.

If your amp is dead, has no sound, or is making bad sounds like popping, crackling or static noises you need to have your amp serviced asap. If you simply want a better sound, maybe it's time to upgrade your speakers.

If you need amp service in northwest metro Atlanta we are a convenient place to go. We're conveniently located for people in Kennesaw, Marietta, Woodstock, Acworth, Cartersville, Canton and nearby Cobb and Cherokee communities.

Solid State Amp Repair

Amp Jack Repair and ReplacementSolid state guitar amplifiers utilize transistor technology rather than tube technology. While solid-state amps are generally require less maintenance than a tube amp, problems do occur.

Guitar Amp Electrical Repairs

We correct amplifier problems with PCBA and wiring solder connections, loose wiring, input jacks, output jacks, headphone jacks, blown fuses, worn pots, caps and resistors.

Amp Speaker Repair & Replacement

We also replace damaged speakers and install new upgrade speakers. For new amp speakers we recommend brands such as Eminence, Celestion, Jensen, and OEM speakers. We can replace 4ohm, 8ohm and 16 ohm speakers with sizes ranging from 8" 10", 12" to 15".

Amplifier Brands We Service

  • Fender Amplifiers
  • Marshall Amplifiers
  • Vox Amplifiers
  • Blackstar Amplifiers
  • Ampeg Amplifiers
  • Peavey Amplifiers
  • Ibanez Amplifiers
  • Orange Amplifiers
  • Boss Amplifiers
  • Yamaha Amplifiers
  • Mesa Boogie Amplifiers
  • Bugera Amplifiers


How long does amp repair take?

Generally, we prefer at least one week for amplifier service work. We require additional time if there is a need to order non-standard or otherwise special replacement parts. We will always do our best to get it done as quickly as reasonably possible, without sacrificing quality for the sake of speed.

Tube Amp Repair in Atlanta

Andrews Amp LabsTube amp repairs are generally straight-forward; however, troubleshooting tube amp problems often requires a great amount of time and expertise. For guitar tube amp electrical repair and maintenance service we highly recommend Andrews Amp Lab in Atlanta. Jeff Andrews offers expert repairs for tube amp tuneups, retube and bias, cap jobs, transformer upgrades and tube amp mods. They can help you find OEM parts or quality replacement parts that match original performance specifications.

For vintage amplifier restoration, and related repairs, we again recommend Andrews Amp Lab. They are the best amplifier repair shop in Atlanta for troubleshooting and servicing vintage tube amps, PA amps, mixing consoles, stereo HiFi amps, and hybrid amps. Andrews Amp Lab also sells a full line of beautifully crafted and custom-made guitar amplifiers.

Amp Repair Prices & Lead Times

Our hourly bench rate for routine amp repair labor is $75 per hours, with a minimum charge of $75 USD. We offer amp inspections for $90 which includes a free repair estimate.

Things to Check Before Calling Us

Before spending money on amp repair there are some things you should check. Some of these things may sound like "duh" items but it's more common than you think.

Confirm your amp is plugged into a working electrical outlet. Make sure your volume and gain are turned-up to at least 3, and no headphones are connected. Try at least two instrument cables. If these simple checks don't solve the problems, call us to discuss your amp problem.

Amp Repair Safety Advisement

DO NOT ATTEMPT AN ELECTRICAL REPAIR unless you are completely confident in your electrical repair skills. It's easy to cause more damage or get shocked. To understand the potential severity you can visit the following link to learn about electrical shocks from amps.